Messaging Middleware for Health & Aged Care.

Eventro is a unified event management system for the health and aged care sectors. It receives input from systems critical to the effective operation of your facility and alerts the right people, at the right time. Importantly, Eventro reports on various metrics that are essential for staying compliant while ensuring your organisation is providing the best care possible for your clients.

Eventro was developed for the health and aged care sectors. Eventro has interoperability with a wide range of devices that your facility already uses. In some cases, implementing Eventro can extend the functionality of your existing infrastructure. For example, Eventro is commonly used to manage messaging between Nursecall systems and wireless handsets and pagers. Eventro introduces additional functionality to your legacy Nursecall system by extending its functionality by introducing response time monitoring without needing to change the underlying physical infrastructure, which is often costly.


Eventro Explainer Video

To learn more please watch our Eventro explainer video or visit Eventro's website here.

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