Backup As a Service

Data Lync offer Backup As a Service (BaaS) in conjunction with our DraaS offering for Nutanix platforms. This solution is powered by HYCU and allows backup of AHV or ESX running on the Nutanix platform.

Key Features

  • Backup and restore from replica when combined with Data Lync DraaS.

  • HYCU has tight integration with Nutanix. Dedicated physical appliances or proxies not required.

  • Backup is fully featured but remains simple to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your data centre located?

Brisbane, Australia.

What licensing models are available?

Subscription (per virtual machine) or perpetual.

What hypervisors are supported?

ESX or AHV on Nutanix platforms.

“We can offer our clients a high level of resilience at a price point that wasn’t previously achievable,” Eather explains. “They can have a file server, domain controller and other resources running on the DR side all the time, ready to go, allowing nearly instantaneous recovery. This reserve capacity is always there, whereas with cloud-based DR, you must pay for what you use.”

Chris Eather – Director
Data Lync