Mobile Device Management

Data Lync provides consulting services for mobile device management (MDM) implementations. Whether you're looking to deploy company-owned devices (COD) or provide secure access to company resources using bring your own device (BYOD) policies Data Lync has the expertise to enable you to achieve your desired outcomes.


Mobile Device Management

Data Lync has dedicated MDM experts with experience across many platforms, including Microsoft InTune. InTune can be used to manage Windows, iOS, iPadOS and Android deployments securely. When combined with a full-service AutoPilot deployment Data Lync can provide an end-to-end procurement, configuration and deployment solution for your end-user devices which requires minimal or no intervention from your IT department.

  • Experience with multiple platforms including AirWatch, InTune, XenMobile, MobileIron, Jamf and System Centre Configuration Manager

  • We have a strong focus on balancing usability with security for your corporate assets.

  • We can support bring your own device, corporate-owned devices or a mixture of both.

  • As a Microsoft Partner, we can manage the purchase of devices pre-configured with AutoPilot profiles that can be shipped directly to users. Hence, they have all their corporate applications and policies straight away.

  • Experience with aged and health care specific deployments including medication (e.g. Telstra Health iCare), corporate and in-home care (Procura, Alayacare, etc.) devices

Discover the Data Lync difference

  • Solutions that are specifically focused on the needs of organisations that provide care
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in IT
  • Custom-designed solutions for every project
  • Servicing for greenfield and established sites
  • An understanding of the legal and privacy requirements of the sector

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Capability Statement