Vacenti Case Study

5th Jan 2021 - Chris Eather


Vacenti is a family-owned company providing exceptional aged care and senior living services to south-east Queensland residents for over 40 years.

vacenti portofino

Business Challenge

Staff at Vacenti's luxury residential aged care apartment complex, Portofino in Hamilton, needed to improve internal communications systems and integrate nurse call messaging with their existing mobile devices.

"Portofino is a complex building with three towers, six levels and staffing allocations both horizontally and vertically," said Brian Sharp, Vacenti's Manager – Information and Compliance. The efficient management of alert and messaging systems was an ongoing issue.

The previous middleware solution caused significant problems, notably that staff phones were inundated by a large number of unnecessary messages. Changing this previous messaging system would have involved the hire of specialised consultants and a considerable amount of consulting hours and testing. It was clear that transitioning to Eventro would be a more cost-effective solution, by allowing Vacenti to self-manage the messaging and escalation logic through a simple drag and drop interface. "Having complete knowledge and control over our systems is very important to Vacenti, and Eventro has enabled that policy to be implemented without question" said Brian.

Our Solution

Eventro was implemented to interface directly with Vacenti's SmartCaller Nursecall system using a data feed over IP. The paging and alarming configuration was initially set-up by the Eventro team, to be managed by Vacenti. Eventro also integrates with Vacenti's Spectralink 8440 handsets to deliver call bell, wandering sensor and pendant alarms: this ensures notifications are delivered to the right staff at the right time.


Unlike Vacenti's previous solution, Eventro features a graphical-based web interface. This enables management to easily identify trends within their facility, including responsiveness to resident care, and staffing levels. Vacenti values the ability to self-manage using Eventro's web interface, reducing their reliance on expensive specialised consultants to make system changes. An additional benefit is direct support from the developers, so feature requests can be noted and potentially scheduled for future implementation.


"Moving to Eventro has proven to be the right decision for us. We have been able to achieve our objective to enable targeted nurse call messaging with escalation plans. The reporting packages are very comprehensive; they provide valuable insight into our responsiveness to calls. Eventro and Data Lync have been excellent to deal with and extremely responsive, and patient with our queries"

Brian Sharp, Manager – Information & Compliance, Vacenti

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Chris Eather


Chris joined Data Lync as a Director and shareholder in August 2018 after his business was acquired.

Chris brings experience from a range of sectors including finance, aged care, and professional services organisations.

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