HYCU Partnership

7th Jun 2020 - Chris Eather

Data Lync are proud to announce that we are an official HYCU partner. HYCU, Inc., is an enterprise software company specializing in data backup, recovery and monitoring for next-generation Enterprise Clouds.

Who is HYCU?

HYCU makes it easy to thrive in a hyper-simple, multi-cloud world. The pioneering enterprise software company specializes in data backup, recovery and monitoring for hyper-converged and multi-cloud infrastructures (HCI). Headquartered in Boston, Mass., HYCU harnesses 25 years of sophisticated IT experience, insights from over one million users, and work with more than 25,000 customers, more than 10 ISVs and 350 employees to create a deep and unrivaled well of industry expertise. The result is unsurpassed alignment with industry leaders and a formidable competitive advantage in the multi-cloud space.

Simple hyper-converged infrastructure requires simple data protection. HYCU backup & recovery is natively integrated and leverages the capabilities of the hyper-converged infrastructure.

What is HYCU for Nutanix?

HYCU for Nutanix is the only purpose-built data protection solution, built ground up with the Nutanix administrator in mind. HYCU makes data protection a seamless service that allows Nutanix admins to be able to protect and manage data across both Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized infrastructure with the same level of simplicity and application coverage as they have come to appreciate.

What are the benefits of HYCU for Nutanix?

  • Software only solution that runs right on your Nutanix cluster
  • Automated, config-free application discovery, application aware backup and application aware recovery
  • Prism like look & feel and a hypervisor-agnostic architecture to protect Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized environments
  • 90% faster fileshare (AFS) backup that is impact free and agentless
  • WAN-free backup for Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) sites eliminates WAN network bandwidth by nearly 50%
  • Application aware storage level snapshots not just for efficient backup, but also for rapid, infrastructure free recovery
  • Human understandable data protection policies that assures SLO compliance
  • Full deployment of HYCU right from Nutanix CALM Marketplace

With stress-free recovery, 100% application awareness and simple management tools, HYCU makes data protection for cloud simple.

About the Author

Chris Eather


Chris joined Data Lync as a Director and shareholder in August 2018 after his business was acquired.

Chris brings experience from a range of sectors including finance, aged care, and professional services organisations.