We're a Nutanix Partner

24th Dec 2018 - Chris Eather

Data Lync are proud to announce that we are an official Nutanix partner. Nutanix are the leader in providing hyper-converged and multi-cloud solutions.

What is hyperconverged infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a term used to describe a single system which uses software to virtualise and manage traditional hardware platforms. In its simplest form, HCI allows a single hardware and software platform to mange your entire infrastructure stack.

What makes Nutanix the leader in HCI?

Gartner recently named Nutanix as a leader in the magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

We will explore the core advantages of Nutanix vs other HCI solutions such as vSAN or Storage Spaces Direct in another blog post. In summary, these are the core advantages over other solutions:

  • Simplified unified management experience using Nutanix Prism
  • Choice of Hypervisor (AHV, Hyper-V or ESXi)
  • Proprietary storage technology that enables great performance with commodity hardware

What are the business benefits of Nutanix HCI?

When reliance on separate systems is no longer a barrier, your systems can grow and scale without encountering the traditional roadblocks you may have faced in the past.

Buy as you grow

No longer will you need to guess the capacity of your compute and storage nodes on your network. With Nutanix HCI, you only pay for what you need while knowing that future business requirements can be met with a highly scaleable solution.

Less Maintenance

A Nutanix solution requires less manual maintenance compared to traditional virtualisation platforms. By reducing the time required for patching and other maintenance tasks, your staff can spend more time on other business projects.

About the Author

Chris Eather


Chris joined Data Lync as a Director and shareholder in August 2018 after his business was acquired.

Chris brings experience from a range of sectors including finance, aged care, and professional services organisations.